Christian Blindness

Blindness of Religions & Leaders
Made Before The Rapture

With the Rapture
about to take Place,
most Christians on Earth
who do claim that they Know
and seek after Lord
GOD and His
Good, in reality are Not Truly doing so!
This is because many of their Religious leaders have Not Taught Christians to Fully Believe, listen to, strive unto, or Truly follow the Being that Is GOD's Own Power the LORD that is Fully able to Truly do anything Physically or Spiritually that He desires to do. Including the Creation of His Own 'Son' in who David recorded, Man was suppose to Kiss on earth, which His 'Spirit' did Physically inhabit Has the Lord JESUS CHRIST. Nor have they chosen to Fully, or correctly Teach Christians from both the Scriptures & Gospels, that the Power of His 'Spirit' the LORD which inhabited JESUS CHRIST, is also the same LORD Who is GOD's Power that wrote with His Own Finger upon tables of Stone His Good that if followed, will Truly bring forth Righteousness that formed the Foundation of His Covenant, the 'Ten Commandments'. Nor have they Fully sought to Teach, but instead did distort GOD's Own Being that Is Good so much, that most Christians have come to view the LORD God as being the Creator of evil & Good unto the degree, that they even ignore His initial record of Creation in Genesis distinctly stating that all the things and even Man which He Created on earth were Good. Thus many Religious leaders have Not Taught Christians of GOD's Own Plan and Purpose, to but bring forth 'Sons of God' that are and Fully seek Good like the Angels themselves, who have attained their Strength of/in Good through the Righteousness of the 'Ten Commandments'. 'Sons of God' that are Holy in Righteousness enough upon Earth, to become used in His very Own Specially Planned Workings Made on earth and attain 'Sons of God' from upon earth, and upon many other of the existing Wayward Planet's that had but previously and in the future will choose to be like this earth, both in and throughout the Universe!

Father GOD's Plan

Given But Had Distorted

Given But Had Ignored

Shown & Disregarded

Shown Only To Reject

Very Few Anymore

Who Killed

The Christian Church