Jewish Blindness

Blindness of Religions & Leaders
Made Before The Rapture

With the Rapture
about to take Place,
many Jews upon Earth
who claim that they Know
and seek after Lord
GOD and
His Good, are Not Truly doing so.
This is because many Jewish Religious leaders have Not Taught them to Strive to attain a Faith which was like Abraham's that believed in GOD and His Own Power the LORD. Nor have Jewish Religious leaders Truly Taught them to Fully Believe that the Being of GOD's Power the LORD, is Fully able to do anything either Physically, or Spiritually which He desires to do. Nor have they Taught the Jews to Truly distinguish the LORD God's very Own Written Covenant of/for Good the 'Ten Commandments', from the 603 'Commandment' that Moses himself was guided to write, for a breakage of those Laws in iniquity, evil, or, Sin. Which also is what has but caused Israel's Jewish Nation to face suffering greatly for many years, as well has also be less able to Fully realize that it was GOD's Plan and Purpose to use the 'Ten Commandments' among His Created Jewish 'Peoples', to seek to bring forth many 'Holy' 'Sons Of God', that like the many Angels, whose Strength of Good is vested in the Righteousness of the 'Ten Commandments' followed in Heaven and were Made on the Earth, and to which Found Father GOD's Planned Workings upon earth, and even on many other of the Wayward Planet's within the Universe!

Fulfilled Promise

Fulfilling The Promise

Given 'Visit' To Fulfill

God's Employed 'Visitation'

'Visit' Shown To All Nations

Religious Leadership