Special Losses

Blindness of Religions & Leaders
Made Before The Rapture

With the Rapture
about to take Place,
and though Knowledge
of the Father
GOD Making
of His Own '
Spirit' Physically
JESUS CHRIST been made
Known unto all of the families of
Man on earth for over 2000 years,
only to come to a point where Man
is Individually, Socially and Morally
worse off than of Man 2000 years ago,
because they Know less of Father
or His '
Spirit', to which He had Personally
displayed the Glory of Physically In
. Even less than the first Jews or the
first members of the Gentile world. And though
Man's gain in Knowledge has but produced many
material things for their Physical enjoyment which
they can use to satisfy immediate desire and Needs,
in Man's chosen lack of Knowledge concerning Father
GOD Making of His Own 'Spirit' Physically Known Has
JESUS CHRIST, so too has the 'Spirit' of Man over many
years grown weaker and weaker through a Knowledge that
because it lacks the Spiritual understanding of Father
and His Physical Purpose Has
JESUS CHRIST, and forced of
Man to have to choose pathways where they've suffered many
needless losses in their past, and become Blinded unto their own
Blind ignoring and overlooking of graver needless Future Losses
of Worthiness, in just one of the many Planetary gardens of which
GOD has Planted in the Universe, to but gain 'Sons Of God'!

Among Jews

For Christians

For The Religions

For The Whole Earth