Unworthy Of Heaven

Blindness of Religions & Leaders
Made Before The Rapture

2 Corinthians 12:2
'I knew a man in Christ above fourteen years ago,
(whether in the body, I cannot tell; or whether out of the body,
I cannot tell: God knoweth;) such an one caught up to the third heaven.

With the Rapture
about to take Place,
there exist upon earth
many peoples which do
still remain Blind unto the
the fact and reality of there
actually being three Heavens.
The First being the One where
GOD's Own Throne exist
outside the Universe, the Second
which exist within the Universe to
where Planets like earth does exist,
or the Third within the 'Soul' of each
of the Individuals given Birth on earth.
Unto which all three are tied to and were
created with one common Bond to
Own Good, through which He seeks to gain
worthy '
Sons of God' that do Truly follow that
Good of His, to exist in Heaven with Him where
Only the Holiness and Purity of Good does exist!
***Sadly because Religious leaders have Taught, distorted, or inter-mixed Good with evil and Sin, so too have most children of Man chosen to but believe that when they do die on earth that they are, or will be going to heaven where GOD's Throne exist, yet are actually found Unworthy to so, because they have been led, or chosen to follow some view of what is good within their own lives, that is Not Righteous, and does distort the actuality of the Good that does actually exist in Heaven where the Lord GOD does Live. To which these such Individuals Live upon Wayward Planets and have chosen to allow themselves to believe that the evil and Sin unto death that their 'Spirit' has continued to bind their own 'Soul' with on earth, will Not be bound in Heaven. Nor do they desire to realize that the Lord GOD who Lives in Heaven, does Not Trust and will Not allow anyone of Man that has Not Truly produced those Fruits of Good within their own Lives on Wayward Planets like earth, and chooses to Not Truly seek to follow the Righteousness of the Good of the Lord GOD of Heaven, is also Not allowed to share in the Eternal Rewards which Heaven does Truly offer. Nor are the able to realize that if they cannot be Truly Trusted to follow that Righteous Good and aid and assist the 'Souls' of Man's Kingdom of Heaven upon their own Planet, then neither can they be found Trustworthy enough to aid or assist GOD in the spreading of His Good within and throughout the Planets existing in the Second Kingdom of Heaven!
***Sadly because Religious leaders have Taught, distorted, or inter-mixed Good with evil and
Sin, so too have most children of Man prefer to seek after some god, or gods, who have promised some kind of heavenly paradise after they die, for following what that god, or gods consider to be defined as Good, is seen to intermix such forms of evil & Sins as considering lies, violence, or warfare as a form of Good that will gain for the believer in that god, or gods a place in their promised view of a heavenly paradise. To which because that heavenly paradise does allow access to be gained through the same evils, Sins, lies, violence’s, and of warfare’s that exist on the earth, so too are those very same heavenly paradises & themselves, become also subject to the same degrees of demises and destructions that exist upon Wayward Planets like the earth!
Only GOD
but come down
from Heaven and
Make Manifest His
Own Good in Heaven,
which is completely free
from evil,
Sin, violence, or
any warfare, so that His very
Own Heaven becomes Not ever
subject to any of the same degrees
demise and destruction that exist on
Wayward Planets like earth do suffer!
Thus those that do Not go to Heaven:

Do Choose Other gods

Do Choose Graven Images

Do Take God's Name In Vain

Do Not Keep The Sabbath day

Do Not Honor Father & Mother

Do Seek To Kill (And Murder)

Do Seek To Commit Adultery

Do Seek To Steal (At All)

Do Bear False Witness

Do Seek To Covet