The New Testament
GOD's Employed 'Visitation'

Being Eternal

A 'New-Thing'
Being Employed

Being Used For

Bringing Forth

See a Son of God'

To Never Have Done

Being Employed By The LORD
Being 1st & Last

Came From Heaven

GOD's Kept Integrity

GOD's New Covenant

Reveal Blindness

Undertaken How

Undertaken Why

1st Within A Created
And 'Chosen' Nation

Who Are
A Special 'Peoples'

A Special Witness

Loved By The LORD

No Ending 'Promise'

Special Protection

Specially Used

Suppose To Have
A Fear Of GOD

A Spiritual Regard

Competent Rel-Leaders

Deeper Faith In GOD

Deeper Love For GOD

Deeply Been Blessed

Obeyed GOD's Voice

Willingness And If

Freedom From Sin
Its Blindness

Its Captivity

Its Destruction

Its End In Death

GOD Himself

GOD's Good

GOD's Love

GOD's Mercy

GOD's Peace

GOD's Power

GOD's Salvation

GOD's Scriptures

GOD's Own 'Spirit'

GOD's Own 'Word'

Justice & Judgement

Righteousness & Faith

'Redeeming' The Nation

The 'Day of The LORD'

The 'Promise' Of Messiah

The 'Promised' 'Redemption'

The 'Ten Commandments'
Brought Forth

Meant For Good

Meant To Guide

Within The Law

Who Do
Face Afflictions

Continue to Choose



Deep Distortion

False Prophets



Proud Way's

Their Own View
Of Eternity

Of GOD's Love

Of GOD's Plan

Of 'Judgment'

Of Their Messiah

Of The Great I AM

Within Good & 'Spirit'

Concerning Sacrifice



Continued Sin

Early Offerings


Like The Gentiles

Neglecting Mercy

Obligation Changed

Obligation Unto Law

What Would Also Cause

Which Would Weary GOD

Concerning Scriptures
Sacred Enough

Significant Enough

The Importance & Power
Within Human Form

Has The LORD God

Has The Lord GOD

Has The 'Son of God'

Within Jewish Neglect
By The Religious Leaders

For Excusing of Sacrifice

Of Eliminating Sacrifice

Of The 'Son Of God'

Of The 'Visit' by The LORD
Coming From Heaven

'Day of The LORD'

GOD's 'New Thing'

GOD's 'Salvation'

GOD's 'Word'

Salt & Harvest

Speak Twice

The Manna

The Rain