The New Testament
'Visit' Shown To All Nations

All Of Man

Being Used

GOD's Reason
Blindness Of Man
His Love For Man

His Very Own Pain

GOD's Intent For Man
To Know GOD

To Know His Good

To Know His Glory

To Know His 'Grace'

To Know His Own Laws

To Know His Own Mercy

To Know His 'Reward's'

To Know His 'Salvation'

To Know Of His 'Spirit'

To Know 'Righteousness'

To Know Unlike Any god

To Know His 'Word'
Began His Plan

Creation Began With

Does Endure Forever

Is The Voice Of GOD
To Know Their Sin
Core of


In Spreading

Its Iniquities

Its 'Judgment'

Why Undertaken

And Its 'Forgiveness'
Is & Does

To Gain

To Recognise