The 'Bible'
Being Used By GOD
To Introduce His Godliness

Correct View

The Being Of

Is Good
Always Been

Always Known

Great Enough

Natural Ability

Sustains Enough

To Make Known

Value Individually

Value For Survival

Value For The Sinner

The Existence
Being Used

Comes From

Does Represent

Has Always Existed

Has Much Experience

Is Actually Alive

Value In Knowing

When Altered

The Expertise
Comes From

Has Been around

Has Participated In

Is What Was Used To

When Simplisticly Viewed

Anything Existed

Any "Time & Space"

What Would Be Successful

What Would Not Be Successful

Already Had

Already Knew

Living Planet's
Already Had

Already Knew

Living Life
Already Had

Already Knew

Human 'Children'
Already Had

Already Knew