Before It's Creation

When there
existed nothing,
GOD 'Imaged' in
His Mind to Create
from that nothing, His
Plan to Create '
Sons Of
' that would be able
to manifest the Glory of His
Living '
Spirit' in the Beauty of
One Single physical living form!

Creation Of The Planet
A Living Planet

Dry-Land & Sea's

Establishing Stability

Making Refinements

Special Animal Forms

The Creation of Human's

A Special Plan

Before Creating

The First Humans
The Human Neanderthal Creation

The Human-Being & 'Son of God'-Adam
Creation Of

Given a 'Soul'
To Enhance Adam's 'Dominion'

To Enhance Adam's' Image' Of GOD

To Enhance Adam's Longevity

To Enhance Adam's Purity'

To Enhance Adam's Sight

Of GOD's Creativity

Of GOD's Glory

Of Knowledge

To Have Recorded
Adam's Good

To Reflect
GOD's Greatness

GOD's Own Love

GOD's Righteousness

To Represent
GOD's Good

To Truly Know If
Adam Follows GOD

Adam Follows Good

The Fall of Human-Beings

A Tree Of Knowledge

Choosing Sin Like Adam


What Future Exist For Man


Against CHRIST

A One World Control

Chaos & Confusion

Filled With Knowledge

Man's Chosen New-Age

Man's Chosen Progress

Man's Chosen Religion

Planetary Event
The Pole Shift

Last Days Of The End-of-Times

Those Left Behind
Alien Contact


'Tribulation' (Great)