Satan-Lost Prominence
Lost Prominence

Became First Fallen Angel
Beginning of Satan's Fall

Even In Having everything

How Satan's Fall Took Place

In Not being GOD Himself

Basic Weakness
Being Overconfident

Being Impudent

Pride and Ego

Beginning Of Folly
Creating of Man

Displeasure At GOD

Resentment With Man

Reward For Folly

Gain Hell

Help Angels

Helping GOD

Universal Loss

The Lies Satan Spreads
About A 'Soul'

About Evil and Sin

About GOD Himself

About Good, & Of Good


About 'Salvation' Itself

About Satan Himself

About 'Sons Of God'

About The First Sin

The Misconceptions
In Satan's Folly
A First Time


Disrespects GOD

GOD's Foresight

Love For GOD

Realizing A Cost
1st Planet Created For Man

Upon The Planet of Earth